Increase sales conversions, encourage repeat customers, manage CRM with admin dashboard & multiple agents!
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Run legit WhatsApp campaigns. Avoid spammy, brand-damaging blasting services!
WhatsApp Marketing Objective: Close Leads

Increase Sales Conversions

Run campaigns and direct the CTA to WhatsApp, assign to respective agents and boost sales closing rate.
WhatsApp Marketing Objective: Repeat Sales

Encourage Repeat Customers

Re-engage your existing customers, provide incentives, make it easy for them to purchase from you again.
WhatsApp Marketing Objective: Customer Service

CRM / Customer Service

Use WhatsApp as your customer service channel, with welcome message / menu and auto / managed response.


What are the differences between WhatsApp Business App vs Official WhatsApp Business API?

  • Business Tools
  • Business size
  • Number of logins
  • Broadcast limit
  • Omnichannel availability
  • Green tick verification
  • Phone number
  • Account type

For Small Businesses

  • Company profile, catalog, away messages, quick replies, labels
  • For small businesses (team size smaller than 4)
  • Up to 5 devices
  • Broadcast contact list with only up to 256 recipients
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Current phone number can be used
  • A normal account with a high chance of being blocked by WhatsApp

For Medium or Large Businesses

  • Company profile, catalog, away messages, quick replies, labels, interactive messages with reply buttons or list messages
  • For medium or large businesses
  • Unlimited multi-logins depending on your WhatsApp CRM platform
  • Mass broadcast messages without limit (upgraded according to tiers)
  • Can integrate with all-in-one platform for centralizing all the social messages
  • Can apply for green tick so that customers can see your business name instead of your phone number even if they did not save your phone number
  • A new virtual number required
  • An official account verified by WhatsApp


Verify your brand account, one dashboard to manage multiple agents!
WhatsApp Marketing Features: Green Checkmark

Green Checkmark

An official account has a green checkmark badge on its profile. The name of the business is visible even if it’s not on the user’s address book.
WhatsApp Marketing Features: Landline Number

Landline Number

Official WhatsApp Business API allows the use of a landline / virtual number, without the hassle of using multiple numbers.
WhatsApp Marketing Features: Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

You are able to have all the messages directed to one single dashboard to manage, allowing multiple customer service agents to respond.
WhatsApp Marketing Features: Broadcast Marketing

Broadcast Marketing

The Official WhatsApp Business API eliminates the risk of your account getting suspended by sending bulk messages to your customers.
WhatsApp Marketing Features: Centralized Database

Centralized Database

Easily manage database without having to manually retrieve from every mobile phone, data are all kept in a centralized database.
WhatsApp Marketing Features: Prevent Data Theft

Prevent Data Theft

Allowing customer service to have a “free hand” on managing and messaging customers exposes brand owners the risk to data or database theft.
WhatsApp Marketing Features: Auto Responder

Auto Responder

Customer servicing level is constantly upheld with the self-serve function and 24-hours chatbot, without leaving your customers frustrated.
WhatsApp Marketing Features: History & Timestamp

History & Timestamp

All communication history and timestamps are recorded, enabling you to monitor and measure communication efficiency.
Note: Most features above are not available in standard WhatsApp Business App.


Here are the selected use cases of brands leveraging Official WhatsApp Business API.

Retail Use Case

Bossini Logo

Bossini is a leading apparel brand owner, retail and franchiser based in Hong Kong, and with branches in over 25 countries & regions around the globe.

  • O2O WhatsApp Marketing: Launch an O2O WhatsApp Marketing campaign to members announcing the discount offer riding on Consumption Voucher Scheme.
  • Schedule booking on WhatsApp: Members who received the messages can click on the CTA button on the WhatsApp message to directly schedule a time to claim the voucher physically in-store.

eCommerce Use Case


SKINFOOD is a cosmetic brand rooted in food, using high-quality food ingredients to create a more beautiful, healthier lifestyle since 1957. The current SKINFOOD store is built on the Shopify platform.

  • Using the real-time tracking feature, the live chat widget will serve up page-specific offers and blogs to educate the customer depending on the page or product the customer is looking at.
  • Know Your Customer: Sync customer info from Shopify allowing beauty advisors to personalize recommendations and upsell relevant products.

Food & Beverage Use Case


LUBUDS F&B Group is a young and dynamic restaurant group with over 800 staff, currently operating over 32 F&B outlets.

  • Automate their customer support workflow and reduce manpower.
  • Build chatbot and auto-reply messages: Provide customers with the latest offers and food menu. Route the conversations to the respective restaurant team to handle bookings.
  • Labeling feature: Use the labeling feature to segment customers and share targeted promotional campaigns through broadcasts.

Other Use Case

Lalamove Logo

Lalamove is an Asia-based technology company that provides delivery services by connecting users with delivery drivers on its mobile and web apps. It now has over 7 million users with more than 700,000 delivery drivers.

  • WhatsApp broadcasting function: Many of Lalamove clients are heavy WhatsApp users. Traditional phone calls take way too much time while SMS blast is more like a one-time thing. Social messaging is more scalable and with a social element.
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