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Keeping up with the digital world is like a never-ending race

Work with Silver Mouse, a one-stop agency to boost your online presence - be it on digital marketing, creative design or video production.

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B2B Digital Marketing


Do you want to generate consistent leads for your B2B business? Are you still only relying on trade shows and print publications? Go digital now with our leads generation strategy to win in your industry!

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Video Production


TikTok is one of the top 5 social media platforms in Malaysia, it's popular among the youngsters. Promote your brand to the next generations on TikTok - be it for awareness, consideration or conversion.

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WhatsApp Marketing


Find out how you can set up WhatsApp Official Business Account in Malaysia to increase sales conversions, encourage repeat customers, manage CRM / CS with admin dashboard & multiple agents.

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GetResponse Email Marketing


Get up to 30% off your MailChimp plan if you switch to GetResponse now, with more features like landing page, marketing automation etc. plus billing in MYR without the worry of Withholding Tax.

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Food Videography

Food or culinary video seems straight-forward but it's not that easy to produce a great food video. The devil is in the details, be it for food commercial, cooking / recipe or food review videos.

With more than 200 food-related videos produced since 2017, we have come a long way to make food looking delicious on the screens!

We offer 1-stop food videography solutions for brands - from kitchen studio, talents, to video production.

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Free eBook: Transform your B2B Business into a Leads Magnet

Transform your B2B Business into a Leads Magnet


Grow your B2B business via digital marketing without any salesmen!


If you specialize in serving other businesses, this is the book for you. With practical strategies, we are going to share our formula on how to generate consistent and quality leads for your B2B business by using digital marketing.



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Silver Mouse is your trusted marketing consultant, with industries focus on retail, consumer brands, hotel, property, B2B & technology.

Established since 2014, we are a one-stop boutique marketing agency in Malaysia specializing in digital marketing, creative design & video production.


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