Grow organic traffic to your website with SEO & content marketing strategy to win in your industry!
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Understanding search intents and adopting the right search strategy!
SEO - Informational Search

Informational Search

  • Generic Keywords
  • 80% of Search Volume
  • Early Stage Research
  • Content / Topics
  • SEO + Search Ads
SEO - Navigational Search

Navigational Search

  • Semi-Generic Keywords
  • 10% of Search Volume
  • Mid-Stage Research
  • Business Info / Locations
  • SEO + Google My Business
SEO - Transactional Search

Transactional Search

  • Transactional Keywords
  • 10% of Search Volume
  • Final Stage Research
  • Brands / Products
  • SEO + Search Ads
3 practical Google search strategies for retailers

How retailers should approach their presence on Google search? SEO, GMB, SEM? From sprint to marathon, it is a race retailers can’t opt out of.


Why you need SEO & what is the SEO strategy?
SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables your business website to rank high for relevant search terms on Google. With the right website optimization and content marketing strategy, you will stay ahead of your competitors and win in your industry!

SEO Objectives

  • Increase your online exposure to be future-proof.
  • Long-term strategy besides digital advertising.
  • Boost organic traffic & conversions for your business!

SEO Strategy

  • Optimize your website to boost organic search rankings.
  • Develop relevant content for your potential customers.
  • Quantity, quality, and consistency is the key!


Grow your website’s organic traffic with our SEO scope of services.
Website Optimization
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Optimize Meta Content
  • Fix SEO Issues
Content Marketing
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Keywords Research
  • Content Development
  • Content Distribution
Analysis & Reporting
  • Overall Performance
  • Content Performance
  • Website Health Check


We are managing & growing these websites predominantly with organic traffic!
Nanyang Kitchen Website

Nanyang Kitchen

  • Nanyang Kitchen is a Chinese recipe website.
  • The site ranks well for Chinese recipe searches.
  • The site enjoys tens of thousands of visits monthly.
Yellow Bees Website

Yellow Bees

  • Yellow Bees is a business directory & resources website.
  • The site ranks well for business-related keywords.
  • The site is currently the #1 B2B directory site in Malaysia.
Bello Bello Website

Bello Bello

  • Bello Bello is a curated gift & lifestyle platform.
  • The site ranks well for gift & lifestyle-related searches.
  • The site acquires 5-figures visits 3 months after launch.


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