Made in Future: A Story of Marketing, Media, and Content for our Times

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In this new age, marketers, media owners, agencies and content creators tend to struggle with the new realities of marketing. Everything they learnt while they were growing up is being challenged, and seems to be growing irrelevant against the disruptors that they face. Marketing thinking, even in some of the world’s largest organizations, is disconnected from their own ground-level executions.

The game has changed. But they are still playing by the rules of the 1990s. They are set to lose if they keep applying Band-Aids on a broken model and trying to fit the future in the containers of the past. They need a ‘native’ view of marketing in the digital age. This book provides a conceptual glue.

Prashant Kumar, in his groundbreaking new book Made in Future, delves into the principles and applications of marketing strategy in the new age. Rich in research and great case studies, this book is an effort to bridge the two worlds of old school marketing principles and the new consumer and media behaviors.

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