WhatsApp Marketing for Brands

Increase sales conversions, encourage repeat customers, manage CRM with admin dashboard & multiple agents!


Run legit WhatsApp campaigns. Avoid spammy, brand-damaging blasting services!

Increase Sales Conversions

Increase Sales Conversions

Run campaigns and direct the CTA to WhatsApp, assign to respective agents and boost sales closing rate.

Encourage Repeat Customers

Encourage Repeat Customers

Re-engage your existing customers, provide incentives, make it easy for them to purchase from you again.

CRM / Customer Service

CRM / Customer Service

Use WhatsApp as your customer service channel, with welcome message / menu and auto / managed response.


What are the differences between WhatsApp for Business vs WhatsApp Official Business Account?


WhatsApp for Business

For SMEs

  • For individual communications
  • Must manually send template messages
    (lower messaging volume)
  • Can only be used within the free app

* Also known as WhatsApp Business App


WhatsApp Official Business Account

For Brands / Enterprises

  • For medium to large message volume
  • Can automate template messages
    (high messaging volume)
  • Can be integrated with contact center platform

* Also known as WhatsApp Business API



Verify your brand account, one dashboard to manage multiple agents!

Green Checkmark

Green Checkmark *

An official account has a green checkmark badge on its profile. The name of the business is visible even if it's not on the user's address book.

Landline Number

Landline Number *

WhatsApp's Official Business Account allows the use of a landline number, without having the brand to promote multiple numbers.

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard *

Brand owners are able to have all the messages directed to one single dashboard to manage, allowing multiple customer service agents to respond.

Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging *

Brand owners can standardise certain template messages to ensure professionalism in communications and upholding of the brand image.

Centralized Database

Centralized Database *

Easily manage database without having to manually retrieve from every mobile phone, data are all kept in a centralised database.

Prevent Data Theft

Prevent Data Theft *

Allowing customer service to have a "free hand" on managing and messaging customers exposes brand owners the risk to data or database theft.

Auto Responder

Auto Responder

Customer servicing level is constantly upheld with the self-serve function, without leaving customers hanging whilst agents are busy at their job.

History & Timestamp

History & Timestamp

All communication history and timestamps are recorded, enabling brand owners to view and determine the best messaging methods when servicing its clients.

* Most features above are not available in standard WhatsApp for Business account.

Grow Sales

This is an example on how you can leverage on WhatsApp Official Business Account to convert sales!

WhatsApp Marketing Flow

Case Studies

Here are some of the success cases by Malaysian brands leveraging on WhatsApp Official Business Account.

Hap Seng Star

Hap Seng Star

After launching the WhatsApp service in December 2019, Hap Seng Star saw a rapid increase in the number of customers using the messaging platform. By May 2020, the dealer was seeing a:

30% increase in delivery rates over other channels
55% increase in read-message rates over other channels



After the introduction of the WhatsApp "Click To Chat" button across the StashAway website and app in late 2018, the company saw the following results:

50% decrease in agent wait time for customer reply
80% more tickets handled per agent per week
50% of incoming customer enquiries now solved through WhatsApp

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